High available system

  • Gateways (DMZ) – Active/Active + Load Balancing
  • Application rest – Active/Passive
  • DB – Active/Active (oracle RAC) or Active/Passive


  • Presentation layer: JavaServerFaces, PrimeFaces
  • Application layer: Java 8, Hibernate, Apache Tomcat, Apache Shiro,
  • DB layer: Oracle 12c Enterprise


  • Field installation for 150k smart meters with direct (without concentrators) DLMS/COSEM based reading
  • Stress test setup with 200k smart meters reads and processes all daily data in average in 3 hours (eMDMS with 28 virtual Intel Xeon CPU Cores and 188GB RAM in total)
  • Proved concept for optimization upgrade to handle (read and process) 4mil smart meters (direct reading) in 6 hours